Getting Your Lips Pout Perfect For Valentines with Fillerina

Valentines is fast approaching (HOW?!) and whether you’re a single lady, you’ve got a hot date, or you just couldn’t really care less, it is the perfect chance to perfect your lips and go mad with fun colours and products to get them in tip top shape, just in case you have a sneaky lip lock with anyone. I hate my lips. Especially my annoyingly non existent thin top lip, and is something i’ve wanted to change since forever, however instead of opting for surgical lip fillers (it’s still not completely off of my agenda), I decided to try out the new, non invasive dermo-cosmetic filler treatment from Fillerina. The Lip Volume gel from Fillerina has become my new BFF and I cannot go anywhere without it, so of course I had to share its magicalness with you all.  

Harnessing the plumping power of Hyaluronic acids and containing the lowest molecular weights of hyaluronic acid (i.e.1000 Dalton molecule), Fillerina Lip Volume achieves the most effective plumping and hydrating possible, without using an emollient that can stop the lips from producing their own moisture. It works instantly and has an accumulative effect, performing far more effectively than an instant lip plumper that has no long term effects. The product is super simple to use and can be used at any time, as it comes in an easy-to-use roller ball applicator. Simply using the rollerball applicator, press gently and repeatedly on the plunger and spread a uniform and consistent layer of gel across the lips. I like that you don’t experience an uncomfortable tingling, as you do with other plumping products, and this actually works, straight away too! I got a bit carried away with this one evening and applied it quite a few times throughout the evening and woke up the next morning with lushhh lips, I am so addicted. It is recommended that you apply onto clean lips and around 5 times (or more in my case…) and be can used as and when you wish. I’ve been using mine basically like a lip balm, a slightly pricey one, oops, as I love how smooth my lips have become, and how fine lines have been dramatically reduced. My only gripe with the product is that sometimes you might click the end a few times and nothing will transfer onto the rollerball, but sometimes one click works, so you need to bear with it a little. I definitely would purchase this again if it was on some sort of promo or offer, as as much as I love the product it is not a necessity, but definitely a welcome luxury. 

Fillerina Lip Volume is available in two strengths and will be exclusively available to buy from M&S Online for £47.50.

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