Euphoria by Calvin Klein

The other day, (and by other day I mean over Christmas), I was on my way into work on the Circle line and overheard a womens conversation to her friend, whereby she was explaining what she wanted for Christmas from her other half. She went on to say that this was her first relationship and therefore her first Christmas gift giving scenario with someone she cared about and that the topic of what to get each other had come up. It was actually a sweet convo to overhear amidst the sweat and grime of the commute to work, and she elaborated that she wanted her other half to gift her a scent of some kind. She wanted him to go into a department store, like Debenhams, or a shop of his choice and pick a scent that he liked, and would like on her and would create happy memories of her. And I thought that this was just a lovely idea and reminded me of why scents and fragrances can be so special and lovely, especially for Valentines. 

Now Debenhams must either be psychic or just great people, as they sent me a mysterious surprise perfume as a little Valentines Day gift, and it was so fun to receive something unknown, and something that I have fallen IN LOVE with. Sorry Ben (the boyf). The Debenhams babes sent me a 50ml bottle of the Calvin Klein Euphoria fragrance and it was the perfect gift. Euphoria is an stunning combination of scents that has top notes of pomegranate and persimmon. It has a heart of dewy lotus blossom, champaca flower and black orchid, and a dry down of liquid amber, black violet and mahogany wood meaning it is perfect for everyday wear and for a little touch in the evening. It really is a great all rounder scent.

Have you tried Euphoria by Calvin Klein, what is your favourite fragrance right now? 

Sophie x

*I was sent this perfume by Debenhams.