Switch To Witch This Winter

Witch is a brand that I have spoken about and mentioned on Sophie-Rose a number of times and their recent #SwitchtoWitch campaign is so fun I just had to share it with you all. The lovely Witch team sent me a Switch It Up kit which included everything I would need to switch things up this winter and to have a bit of fun too. The kit included 5 Switch It Up postcards, each with a different challenge printed on the back and the kit included products, items and an Asos voucher to complete the fun challenges. Inside my Witch Switch It Up Kit I received the classic Cleansing and Toning Wipes, Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash, Cleansing Lotion, Pore Minimising Gel Wash and BlackHead Clearing Gel. I was super excited to try the last two products as blackheads and pores are like the biggest bane of my life everr. I was also sent some fun coloured hair chalks, The Little Book Of Mindfulness (AMAZING), an Asos Voucher, and some mini products to share with friends and family to complete the challenges. 

The challenges were so fun and included introducing new Witch products to my routine and sharing them with friends, giving my mornings a makeover with the Little Book of Mindfulness to see how it could switch up my day, switching up my blog by trying new posts, switching up my hairstyle and experimenting with the coloured hair chalks and finally using the ASOS voucher to pick an accessory I wouldn’t normally choose and incorporating it into an outfit. With my Asos voucher I put it towards a pretty boobaliscious, tight, sparkly dress which was SO out of my comfort zone and whilst it wasn’t an accessory as such, it still definitely took me out of my comfort zone and wasn’t something I would typically opt for. 

If you could #SwitchToWitch this Winter, what products would you want to try out? 

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