Looking After You & Your Car This Winter

It’s most definitely that time of year now, where the roads are becoming increasingly harder to navigate because of rain, ice, and – lately, even fog, and after recently breaking down in Brighton during rush hour in the dark and rain I thought I would share some essentials to keep you safe on the roads this winter with the #CarCareClub. To help spread car safety knowledge, LV sent me a car kit with all the essentials that you would need to tackle any driving situation, including a High Vis Jacket, Tow Rope, Torch, Portable Charger, Ice Scraper, Hand Warmers, a snuggly Blanket and some amazing festive Yankee Candle Car Air Fresheners.

After my recent breaking down episode, I would say my biggest tip is to make sure you have  a)  suitable car insurance and b)decent breakdown cover before you even leave the house, as I learnt the hard way. I also learnt that yes a high vis jacket is super handy, but so is a yellow triangle in case you break down and then the hazards don’t work either. I learnt the hard way, however a nice policeman came along at the right time and helped me out, pheww. But I think that if I had had all these handy bits at the time I may have been a little less stressed, as it did get chilly and my phone did slowly start to die whilst waiting for the AA man!!

What are your car tips? Whether it be car essentials or tips for breaking down/maintaining your car?

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