The Up

I started 2015 feeling a little bleh. With the end of third year approaching and fears over what I would end up doing next and moving back home, I wasn’t quite sure how the year would end. I didn’t do as well with my degree as I wanted, and I was left feeling deflated that my 3 years of hard work had come to not much. Moving back home was so hard, and the job hunt even more so. So I found myself a 2-3 day a week job at a local department store on the Gift department, working at my dads office for the other few days of the week to keep up some form of income and to entertain myself so I didn’t go totally insane. I had a few interviews, I got behind with blogging, and I was just fed up that my break hadn’t yet happened, whilst being surrounded from success from all my friends. Don’t get me wrong I was ecstatic that dreams were coming true for people I loved, but it was frustrating that nothing was working out for me. Fast forward a few months and I currently have a boyfriend (meaning my 3 year singleversary which would have been last week, doesn’t need to be celebrated, lolll), i’vefinished up 3 months at the department store and have embarked on the next chapter of my life as a Community Assistant at Talented Talkers – which I am lovinggg. And on top of that, you can find me in the latest edition of The Student Guide and my blog jut hit a total of 300,000 pageviews. Things might not work out how you planned, in my mind 2015 was just going to be one of those years, but towards the end of the year things have just come together and it has been my year after all, so if you felt like me, don’t give up hope – you’ve still got a chance to make 2015 your year. (FYI this isn’t an omgggg look how great my life is post, it’s just a little quick catch up!)

How are things going for you, are you excited for Christmas like I am?!

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