Make Your Own Face Scrub & Lip Scrub

I love crafty things, and I love beauty products, so what better than homemade personal beauty products! Naz from The Midas Touch has some great recipes for easy beauty products that you can make at home with nothing more than some supplies from your cupboards and water from the tap. And after a little bit of googling and research, I decided to try out a homemade Face Scrub and Lip Scrub and I loved the results so thought I would share them with you all. All the items that you need, you can deffo find in your cupboards and can be used for a whole assortment of homemade face scrubs, masks, moisturisers and lip scrubs. The staple products I recommend to use for these sort of face and lip scrubs are some cocoa powder, honey, lemons, cinnamon, Vitamin E tablets, corn flour, essential oils in whatever scent you prefer, brown sugar, oats, coconut oil or olive oil, and you should be set. 

For the Face Scrub, simply mix oats and honey with some cinnamon, a drop or two of water and some lemon juice, as well as an essential oil if you wish for the perfect revitalising scrub mask. If you have dry skin, maybe try adding a touch of olive oil. This face scrub, or mask if you leave it on is great for clearing blackheads and dead skin. The lip scrub is also super simple. Just mix together some brown sugar, a dash of honey to loosen things up a bit, and some natural vanilla or peppermint extract for flavour and voila, a nourishing, tasty and cleansing lip scrub.

Do you like to make your own beauty products, what sort of beauty products would you be interested in making for yourself?

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