Molton Brown New Body Polishers Collection

When I think of Molton Brown, I think of my parents bathroom and the almost staple bottle of ABC Bath and Shower Gel that can be found on the edge of the bath, and is not really a brand I have had the opportunity to truly indulge in before. That was until I was given the chance to try out a scent from the new Body Polishers collection and the appropriate matching bodywash and body lotion to create a super rejuvenating 3-Step Ylang-Ylang skincare routine, infusing soothing tranquil scents and exfoliating particles to both purify and pamper skin. 

Since finishing university and moving back home (boo), things have been a little go go go, and not in the way I imagined. I’m working 2 part time jobs as well as trying to fit in blogging when I can. I work part time in a department store, and spend my other time working in an office, the combination of the two meaning at the end of the week I feel pretty drained and a relaxing pamper routine is always on the cards. The Comforting Ylang Ylang skincare routine was made for me, so after a long week at work I was so excited to truly relax and indulge. Molton Brown recommend to first cleanse with the Ylang-Ylang Body Wash; begin by pampering skin with soothing extracts of yuan zhi to cleanse the body and bring harmony to tired minds. This floriental soak has a relaxing top note of ylang-ylang with a sweet cardamom centre to help you unwind in a luxurious lather. And. That. I. Did. and it was so lovely! I also put a little dollop in my bath to truly enjoy the scent and a few bubbles! I followed this with step 2, Exfoliate! Using the Madagascan black vanilla grain enriched body scrub, gently massage in circular upward motions to stimulate and exfoliate the skin. The fine vanilla grains will refine skins appearance will the gel formula is infused with tranquil notes of ylang-ylang and cedwarwood oils for a flawless and natural glow. I love how this scrub felt so gentle, yet felt refreshing and relaxing and worked super well to replenish and re-moisturise skin! I then moved onto the final step, which after following the other two stages of the routine was really lovely as my skin just soaked up the lotion. 

Available in the new Body Polishers Collection are four iconic blends including Heavenly Gingerlily, Fiery Pink Pepper, Infusing Eucalyptus and of course my personal favourite, Comforting Ylang Ylang! You can purchase the body polisher for £34.

Is Molton Brown a brand you have tried out before? What are your favourites?

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