Hair Boosters

It’s known that I have pretty fine hair that is pretty healthy, but doesn’t really offer much in the volume department and normally whatever attempt I make at a volumised hair look deflates within the hour. However over the past couple of years I have discovered a few fail safe volume boosting products that don’t break the bank and work well at holding volume, whilst also being versatile in creating hairstyles.

My favourite is the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray (and the whole Volume& Bounce range – post here) as it really holds volume well and is super easy to work with. Simply shake the can well, spray onto dry hair and then ruffle and work the hair to create a texturised look. Once this product sets in place, it really does set and also acts as a hairspray whilst also allowing a little flexibility to create a hairstyle to then set in place. I also love how this spray doesn’t just volumise hair at the roots, but also all the way through to the ends of the hair. 

A recent discovery that works in a similar way is the COLAB Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo in the London scent. COLAB dry shampoo’s are my favourite brand of dry shampoos and I can’t fault them. Recently on a whim I picked up the extreme volume version and whilst it took me a couple of uses to get to grips with the formula and the best way to use the product, I am so glad I persevered as it is a bargain volumising spray! 

Volumising Powders have been around for a while but I always overlook their capabilities when it comes to selecting a product to give my hair an instant boost. The got2b powder’ful volumuzing style powder and Fudge Urban Powder Styler are my two favourites. They’re so easy to use and add an instant grip and lift to hair, especially in the roots and this combines with a few sprays of the CW spray in the ends is a winning combo for me.

And lastly a simple backcombing brush. Whilst backcombing may not be great for your hair, I think that the occasional backcomb is totallly fine, and this little brush that I picked up in Primark for £1 has lasted me forever and is so handy for styling hair, and adding a little lift to sections of hair when you need it!

What are your failsafe volume boosting hair products?

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