I love a good bath, who doesn’t, and what makes it all the more enjoyable are the amazing bath products that are on the market these days. The older I’ve got, the more I appreciate the more luxurious bath products and, international beauty and body care brand, SABON are my latest favourite. SABON launched in the UK in October 2014, with its London boutique being one of 145 across the globe. Bringing the spa experience to your home and taking time to care for one’s self is at the heart of the SABON brand. All of its products are SLS and Paraben free, and are enriched with a range of raw materials, natural oils and vitamins, including extracts from the Amazon Rainforest and minerals from the Dead Sea and brands itself as ‘affordable luxury’ – striving to use the best natural ingredients sourced from around the globe, and affordable luxury it is!

I was sent a few delicious products to try, including the Clear Dream Shower Oil, Lavender Apple Body Scrub and Lavender Apple Butter Cream. First of all, I adore the packaging, my bath pieces came packaged in a delightful and decadent box and I love the really glam style packaging on the products themselves. I also appreciated that the shower oil came with a pump and the scrub came with a little wooden scooper too, very novel. 

I was a little apprenhensive of using products that had the word lavender in the title as I kind of normally detest the scent; however with these products the scent totally worked as it was really really subtle, and mixed with the apple scent it was actually lovely! The 3 products together create the perfect bathtime routine.The scrub contains a combination of sea salt and essential oils for revitalizing the skin and keeping it shiny and soft. Based on soy oil and almond oil, enriched with minerals and essential ingredients. The salt granules gently remove dead cells and renew the skin, leaving it silky smooth. The oils have a lasting and soothing effect on the skin, making it feel light. It is recommended to apply a body cream, butter or oil after using the scrub, and the Lavender Apple Butter Cream was perfect for this as the creamy and nourishing formula, thanks to olive oil, wheatgerm oil, and shea butter was especially moisturising for dry skin, the wheatgerm oil is rich in vitamin E and restorative essential fatty acids; anti-inflamatory shea extracts are good at preventing stretch marks.

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