What do you get when you combine a stunning house, burgers, pimms, gin and elderflower cocktails and sophisticated jazz with a bunch of bubbly bloggers? The best evening ever, duh. The Talented Talkers Team are one of my faves and as well as being a fab team, it would appear they’re pretty good at organising a sophisticated BBQ soiree. To celebrate National Burger Day on Thursday 27th August I was invited along to a house in Woodingdean filled with some of my favourite faces, a mouth watering menu and thirst quenching drinks. Now, the house. IT WAS SO NICE. I loved the house and had a proper nosey about; so much so that Laura and I thought we had found a pair of futuristic scales/ a power plate to find that it was actually one of those robot hoovers, amazing; although also slightly stressful.  In the midst of burger excitement, drinking, chatting and noseying about the house, I did actually forget to take any blogworthy photos, so thank you very much to the Asda photographer for being on hand to snap some fab photos! In this eating/drinking/noseying midst I also had the opportunity to sample the food, and the burgers were delicious! It was hard to choose, but of course I went for a good old bacon and cheddar classic, and it was so yummy. The meat was perfectly juicy, the cheese tasty and the bacon just right. I had to stop myself from hoovering everything off of the grill andI know that i’ll definitely be picking up the ingredients for my next BBQ from Asda, although it may have to be an inside shindig. I really had such a lovely evening and I love how we all had a little lanyard with our name/Twitter handles to help put Twitter pics to blogger face, and how it also included the wifi name and password, genius. I didn’t get to try out the Peach and Mushroom Burgers but heard they were a success and so different, so thought I would share the recipe with you all:

  4 tbsp olive oil, plus extra for brushing  
1 tsp rosemary (leaves only), chopped
1 clove garlic, crushed
4 tbsp lemon juice
8 Asda portobello Mushrooms 
2 ripe avocados 
4 baby plum tomatoes, roughly chopped  
8 ripe peaches (or nectarines) 
8 buns
Mozzarella drained and cut into 8 thin slices 
Rocket leaves  

1. Mix the oil, rosemary, garlic and 2 tsp of the lemon juice in a shallow dish. Trim the stems of the mushrooms to come level with the caps. Put the mushrooms in the dish and brush the oil mixture generously all over. Set aside for up to 30 minutes.  
2. Halve the avocados, then remove the stones and skin. Cut into small pieces and put in a bowl with the rest of the lemon juice. Mash with a fork, then stir in the tomatoes. Cover with cling film and set aside.  
3. When ready to serve, halve and stone the peaches, then slice. Remove the mushrooms from the marinade and grill or griddle for 3-5 minutes on each side. Meanwhile, brush the cut side of the peaches with oil, then barbecue or grill them for 3-5 minutes on each side.  

4. Split the buns, then toast, cut-side down, on the barbecue or grill. Spread the bottom half of each bun with the avocado mixture, then top with a slice of mozzarella, a mushroom and peach slices. Finish with rocket and the other half of the bun.  

Thank you so much to Asda and Talented Talkers for such a glorious evening.

Did you celebrate national burger day? What is your favourite burger combination?

Sophie xx