Welcome To Sophie Rose

As you may, or may not, have noticed, Sophie Rose Hearts has had a little update and been transformed into Sophie Rose. When I started my blog, nearly 3 years ago, on the 19th July 2012, I never thought it would blossom and grow and that a name could mean so much as a brand. Initially I planned to implement a ranking system, reviewing products and places and scoring them out of ‘hearts’ and having a ‘hearts board’. It was a cute idea, lasted for about 2 blog posts and then faded. In 3 years I have done a lot of growing up, I ended a relationship, moved out for uni, spent 3 years in Brighton, acquired a degree and moved back home. And in those three years a lot has changed, i’m not a nervous 19 year old fresher, I am now a more confident self assured 22 year old graduate. I don’t necessarily just post black and white beauty product reviews, I post whatever I want, and you can’t always score that out of hearts. So I’ve decided to drop the ‘hearts’ part of Sophie Rose Hearts and from now on, my little space on the web will be Sophie Rose or sophie-rose.co.uk. I don’t like to coast through life, I like to push myself and to make changes that frighten me a little, and that is exactly what I am doing. There will be a few more tweaks over the next few weeks, as and when I find time, so please bear with me and I hope you enjoy Sophie Rose!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and for everyone who has stuck by my blog and I, thank you!

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