Summer Picks from Homesense


I love Homesense, and whilst I don’t have my own place just yet as I am just in the process of moving back home this summer, hopefully i’ll also be moving back out for good, prettty soon!! I love to shop for my hypothetical/imaginary home and perusing Homesense is one of my fave things to do, I can easily spend a few hours in there and not even realise. On my recent trip I found some fab items, perfect for summer and as blogging props too.

I love kitchenware and I love the mish-mash of items in Homesense and this cute handmade coca-cola plate, made from 100% recycled glass is right up my alley, as was this Amici handmade glass with gorgeous detailing. I love glassware with a bit of jazziness to it, and these items are just that! Now this might be a bit naff, but I love plastic glassware, they’re perfect to travel with, for picnics and using as makeup brush holders and this cute clear bubble plastic glass is a welcome addition! 

Now onto bloggy bits. I spied this Olive and Thyme, cream shabby chic inspired wire cutlery organiser and just knew it would make a perfect draw organiser for my makeup. Just imagine a few palettes, single blushers/bronzers and eyeshadows, and it’s fab right? I also picked up this gorgeous rose print plastic tray, perfect for keeping my perfumes on, as well as a prop in blog photos! 

On my way to the till I was drawn in by all the delicious snacks and drinks that Homesense stock, and I was drawn to the Jordans Skinny Myx Cosmopolitan mixer, with minimal calories, this made it’s way into my basket and I can’t wait to whip it out for some classy cosmos in the garden, alongside my cute new glasses too!

So there you go, a few picks for summer, what do you think? Have you picked up any homeware bargains recently?

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*In collaboration with Homesense.