Choosing the right university for you

Its’ that time of year where students are choosing and researching universities, attending open days and thinking about what they want to do after school finishes. With so many options out there, it’s a pretty big and daunting decision to make. One difficulty is it is hard to know what a university is like before you actually start there, some universities such as St Marys University have made the process a lot easier by asking existing former students why they wanted to ‘Be Part Of It‘ and have created helpful videos. So here are a few of my tips for finding the right university for you!

1. This might sound ridiculous, but make sure you actually look around the university and explore the campus. Looking around a uni and speaking to existing students and lecturers can really give you a feel for the uni life and visiting the uni you can picture whether you would like it there or not. And if you can’t make it to an open day, definitely have a root around on the internet!

2. If you have friends already at university visit them and maybe stay with them for a weekend. Experience what its like to with with other people and the student life and see if it’s for you, a lot of people these days prefer to live at home and commute to uni, the typical student lifestyle of slobbing around in your pjs and getting drunk at 1pm isn’t for everyone.

3. Do your research, have a look at the uni’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram etc, you can see how fun the uni is and how engaged they are with the students, I wish I had done this a little more when I was applying, as lots of uni’s have helpful video on YouTube etc which show their uni life in detail!

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What tips do you have for choosing the right university?

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