Student Hacks: Tips for Cutting Back

Students are always looking for ways to get things cheaper and to make the most of their loans. I’ve been at uni for nearly 3 years, and 6 weeks today i’ll be finished with my degree, crazy stuff, so I thought I would share 3 easy ways to cut down!

1) Cut down uncessary costs. Whipping out your card to make the odd small purchase for a coffee or a snack often add up, and are an area I first cut down on when I am budgeting, uni sandwiches/meal deals are such a rip off. Just pop to your local supermarket and grab a loaf of bread, sandwich filling of choice (mines normally ham), buy some crisps in bulk on offer, some fruit in bulk and maybe some snacks in bulk, and voila, probably what you would spend over 1-2 days at uni and you’re sorted for a weeks worth of packed lunches!

2) Secondly, I look into my bigger monthly spends and try to cut them down in the long term. Mobile phones are often a costly accessory. There are many fab offers for students out there and monthly rolling contracts are definitely great student savvy options. Three Mobile currently have a fab offer on their Nokia Lumia 530, where for £15 a month you can get 1GB of data 300 minutes and all-you-can-eat texts! When you’re connected to uni wifi, this is the perfect amount! One month rolling contracts are a also a really great option for students who don’t have a steady income or those who just don’t want to be tied down to a long-term contract. I also find that expensive phones aren’t always the best for drunken nights out and I myself have broken/lost phones on a night out, and my friends have too! Also, don’t be afraid if you’re an Apple lover, from someone who is pretty used to Apple products and iPhone’s I found using a windows 8 phone pretty straightforward and actually quite liked it!

3) Put your loan into a separate account! I know this sounds obvious, but trust me it helps. When loans come in, it can often seem like free money and it is SO easy to spend straight away! However putting it away out of your sight into a separate account helps when it comes to rent time and hopefully you won’t be begging to borrow some money of your parents…

What tips did you get from uni? What budgeting tips do you have?

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