Foreo Issa in Lavender Review

I love pearly white teeth, and after having braces for 3 odd years, they’re perfectly straight and i’ve since been on a mission to get pearly white teeth! My teeth aren’t particularly yellow, but they definitely aren’t as white as I would like. I used to use an electric toothbrush, but since being at uni haven’t had one, so when I was offered to the chance to review the Foreo Issa in Lavender* I was excited as it looked nothing like anything I had seen before! The Foreo Issa is part of the next generation of dental care and helps to achieve a brighter and whiter smile whilst maintaining healthy gums and protecting them from gum disease. The brush features soft and gentle silicone to create just the right amount of friction, 3D flexibility that helps the brush to reach every crevice and unique WhiteTooth technology that works to remove stains and polish teeth for instant whiteness. Offering much more of a hygienic solution than nylon bristles, the non-abrasive silicon bristles are bi-directional to ensure full coverage of the mouth and prevent bacteria build up. The electric ergonomic brush has a pulsing action that stimulates additional blood flow. Featuring an 8 speed interface, the device allows you to chose the frequency of pulsations to suit your dental needs. Every 30 seconds the pulse will indicate it is time to clean another section of your mouth and after 2 minutes, it will pulse again to signify the end of brushing routine, easy peasy!

I find the brushing routine really handy and the pulsations momentarily pause and the indicator light at the base will flash, indicating to move onto the next quadrant of your mouth. At the end of the 2 minute routine, there are 3 pauses in quick succession, which signals the end of the routine, simple! The device automatically turns off after 3 minutes. For travel convenience you can also hold down both the + and – buttons which will lock the controls and stop it turning on in your luggage!

When the brush arrived I was pretty excited, the box it came in felt sleek and luxurious and included a USB cable to charge the brush, a soft grey pouch to keep the toothbrush in when travelling, a Foreo authenticity card which includes a 2 year warranty, and an instruction booklet.

Asides from the obvious, the brush looking a little rude, it is super sleek and easy to use. A benefit of the Foreo Issa, is that the brush head only needs replacing once a year, however some users may have issues with the USB charger, a mains adapter would probably be more convenient. At first it was a little weird to get used to as I am used to traditional bristles, however once I got used to the brush and how to use it, I loved it! Although I did find that due to the intensity of the pulsations/vibrations, it made my arm ache a little and I found it easier to hold from the base whilst brushing.

Overall I have been loving having an electric toothbrush back in my life, and whilst I haven’t been using it long enough to notice the whitening properties my teeth do feel a lot cleaner and look brighter!

Do you use an electric toothbrush? What are your tips for whiter brighter teeth?

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