Valentines with Homesense

As an absolute sap and lover of all things cute and romantic, Valentines Day is a day that I think is really nice. And yes it is like Marmite, and yes it might be over-commercialised, and I know people shouldn’t need a set day to show their love, but what the heck, why not?! I’ve only had one romantic Valentines Day to date, but even when i’m single I like to tell my friends I love them and do something fun with my girls and girly nights in are our favourite thing to do!

I love Homesense and their Christmas stock was on point, I went to a blogger event at the Brighton store and left wanting everything! Christmas is now over and Valentines items are aplenty and on a recent trip to Homesense I picked up a few Valentines/heart shaped goodies! First of all I spotted this giant hot pink heart shaped cookie cutter*. I really want to use this to make a few giant heart shaped cookies for my friends and then ice them nicely and put their names on them, I know, cute! I love the comfort grip around the top and whilst it’s a perfect giant cookie cutter it also looks lovely! Following on from the edible heart theme, I picked up a few of these Heart Shaped Marshmallow Lolly’s*, they had a few ‘iloveyou’ ones but I thought that was a bit far. These are wrapped and made gorgeously and will also be perfect gifts for my friends whilst being a naughty snack for myself!

On my Valentines rampage I also spotted this lovely Chauncey by Acacia Hyacinth & Orchid Scented Candle*, not only does it smell beautiful, the decadent glass jar is to die for and will be fab for storing some lovely trinkets in when the candle runs out. I’ve also been on the hunt for some decent fake flowers for a while, being a uni student means fresh flowers aren’t the most practical item, but fake are just the ticket! I loved this selection of fake pink and white roses*and I think they will look lovely on our kitchen table over Valentines too! Lastly I picked up this amazing cream heart shaped wire basket* for just £4.99. Perfect for popping all your Valentines Cards in (loljk I wish) or putting some heart shaped cookies made for your friends (thats more like it), I absolutely adore this item and it’ll be perfect all year round and not just for Valentines Day!

**Again apologies for the grey toned photos, not 100% sure whats going on with my camera/editing/lighting atm,erghhh*

Have you bought any nice homeware treats for Valentines, I am just a sucker for themed items!

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*In collaboration with Homesense.