His & Hers Fragrances from Hugo Boss

I’m quite fussy with fragrances, so when I came across the latest release from Hugo Boss, Hugo Woman I was drawn in. When I saw there was also a ‘his’ version I really wanted to put together a his and hers Hugo Boss fragrance post, perfect for around Valentines.This spring Hugo Boss introduces a new fragrance for women, bold, passionate, fruity and floral, delicious! I’m a big fan of the female Paco Rabanne duo of Lady Million and 1 Million, so I was excited to try this duo!

Hugo Woman* is a fruity, floral fragrance with an unconventional, boyish twist, combining unexpected naturals and pioneering molecules, creating a unique scent that is really lovely. With top notes of ripe boysenberry and sparkling Italian mandarin are offset by the herbaceous mountain freshness of Himalyan red grass. The scents opening of uplift, adventure, and the lore of the fresh experience! The middle notes consist of Jasmine sambac and plush, darkly fruity black plum and spicy, smokey Indian black tea, creating a boyish twist. The base notes are sandalwood laced with cedar, warmed with feminine amber. I love how this fragrance changes throughout wear, at the beginning it smells perfectly fruity and floral, and the scent deepens as it wears and I love it!

Hugo Man* by Hugo Boss is the male fragrance which highlights scents of papaya flowers, water lilies and aquatic green apples. The core notes are peach nectarines, wild berries and musk, witht he base consisting of sandalwood and Baltic amber. I really love the smell of this fragrance, and if I had a man in my life I would make him wear it, mm!

Aside from both smelling amazing, I love the simplicity of the bottles and the clean, fresh design. I love the touch of red to the female fragrance and I love how easily it can fit in your hand and how the packaging is perfectly minimal with no frills. The two bottle together would look so lovely on a dressing tables or in a lovely bathroom, a girl can only dream eh! 

You can buy Hugo Woman EDP in 30ml and 50ml and Hugo Man EDP in 30ml for £29.50

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