Doors Open for Sea Life Brighton’s Dino Attraction

 The other night I was invited down to Sea Life in Brighton to take a walk back in time to preview the new Jurassic Seas exhibition, the brainchild of the general manager, Max Leviston. Sea Life Brighton has proudly unveiled its latest feature, Jurassic
Seas, a brand new concept involving digital dinosaurs, ancient fossils
and stunning sea creatures.

Upon arrival we were put into
groups, so that we could all properly experience the new exhibition and
learn about it, so before our time slot, myself and my friend Jodie had a
little roam about the Sea Life Centre and we had a fab time looking at
little turtles, big Turtles, an anaconda, sharks and sting rays. Did you
know that sting rays are part of the shark family? No I didn’t either,
but I do now!

Brighton’s Sea Life Centre is the worlds oldest operating aquarium, dating back to 1872 amd open to visitors for more 140 years
and is situated just opposite to Brighton Pier. A multi-million pound
refurb has kept the centre up to date and I love how the interior has
stayed true to it’s roots. Sea Life Brighton is also home to more than
2,500 creatures, including sharks, turtles, seahorses, rays and an

The highlight of the new
Jurassic Seas exhibit is the triple-screened digital interactive
dinosaur simulation game. Hand movements work with the motion sensors so
that guests can play games and control the lifelike
and lifesize dinosaurs. The Jurassic Seas exhibit as a whole is a fab
new area and is packed with lots of sea creatures, facts and games, with
lots of interactive displays with further information. . Alongside spectacular digital dinosaurs, Jurassic Seas boasts an
impressive array of creatures that have survived for millions of years,
from the serene Giant Nautilus to lively Mudskippers and fascinating
Horseshoe Crabs. 

Sea Life Brighton is open every day except Christmas Day from 10am –
5pm. Tickets are priced from £9.95 per person
online. Visit for more information.

Have you visited the Sea Life in Brighton, or any others, what did you think?

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