All About The Brows, With Makeup Revolution

As I said in my recent HD Brows post (here) I love brows. I love how they can really frame and lift a face and how they can be changed according to personal preference and trends. I am loving the big, bold brow trend and so I thought I would try out a few Makeup Revolution brow products and explain how I get my brows to look how they do. As you can see my eyebrows are definitely sisters (maybe half-sisters) and not twins, and look quite different to each other, oops. So here is what I do to try and keep them in check!

In the first photo is an example of one au naturale brow and one done up brow, you can see how sparse and light my brows are naturally, and I haaaate them! My favourite brow product of choice are powders, and I apply these with a small angled brush. The Focus & Fix Brow Kit*and I <3 Makeup Brow Kit* in ‘I Woke Up This Groomed’ are the perfect powders for this. They come in handy little palettes with 3 good powder shades and a setting wax, as well as mini tweezers and a dinky little angled brush (very handy!). Honestly, I don’t really use the wax but they’re handy to have included and if I do use them I simply mix the wax with my powder shade of choice on the back of my hand and then apply for a more defined look. As shown above, I draw in my brows from the bottom and fill in going upwards as I like the sleek and sharp line it creates. To create individual hairs or natural looking strokes, the Brow Dual Ultra Brow, Arch and Shape*is a nifty tool. With a soft yet intense pigment brow pencil on one end and a super-fie felt tip on the other, you can easily shape and define your arch, draw individual hairs and fill in your brows with ease. I found the felt liner to be quite light and not as bold as I would like but it does create a fab natural look, whereas I prefer a more bold brow!

I also used the amazing I <3 Makeup Brows and Eyes Kit* for this look ad the kit includes 2 brow shades, 1 brow tint, 1 highlighter, 4 eyeshadow shades, some tweezers and an angled brush! I used the super gorgeous browney rose gold glitter shade and the iridescent pink shade! THe quality of the shadows are amazing and this palette has everything you need for everyday looks and perfect shades for my brows too! The palette is also a perfect on the go size and has a large mirror too. I really like the cream brow tint too, maybe it would have been better to have put this in with the brow kits instead of the wax.

Originally when writing this post I thought the Ultra Aqua Brow Tint* in Medium was an actual long-term tint but now that I have actually worked out/researched how it is supposed to be used I am in love and will be posting a full review about it asap! 

Are you all about the brows, what is your favourite brow product?

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*In Collaboration with Makeup Revolution.