1000 Bloglovin Followers

When I started my blog it wasn’t about the numbers, I just loved makeup and writing. This isn’t a post about why I blog, but whilst it still isn’t about the numbers, it is nice to know that people read my blog and like what I do, enough to click follow! With regards to numbers, in my head i’ve always related it to the size of a football stadium, and in particular Reading FC’s stadium, the Madejski Stadium. When I reached 20 followers, that was around enough to fill a whole row, and now I’ve hit 1,000 on Bloglovin and over 900 on GFC, thats enough in total to nearly fill the away end (a 2,327 capacity). Obviously my dream is to imagine 24,161 of you (the whole stadiums capacity), but a girl can dream eh!

So thanks to anyone that follows me and takes the time to read my blog, and here’s to one day filling a small stadium!

How long have you been following me for, what is your favourite blog right now?

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