LighterLife Fast – The Second Month Update

Following on from my introductory post (here) about LighterLife Fast and my first month update post (here) I thought it was time to update you all after my next 4 weeks of the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet which got a little harder as we entered the festive period..

Week 5 – Tuesday and Thursday

For my second month of the LighterLife Fast I opted for the Spaghetti Bolognese, Chocolate Shakes and the Crispy Cranberry & Raspberry Bars. I was excited to try some new products and I was not let down! I started my day off this week with a Chocolate Shake and as I was in a hurry I just made a regular cold one, and it was nice, not too sweet, not too plain! For dinner I tried the Spaghetti Bolognese and this is where I was most surprised. The dish actually resembled real bolognese, thee were a decent amount of spaghetti pieces and the sauce was thick and flavourful, yum! I also had a couple of the bars, which were really sweet, a little overly sweet, and they smelt pretty gross. 

Week 6 – Monday and Thursday 

I thought I would be adventurous with the chocolate shakes and I followed the same method as I did for the hot vanilla shakes as I had images of a nice hot chocolate-esque shake. However I think the chocolate shake is best left in cold shake form. When I heated it up it wasn’t as sweet as I expected and had a malty flavour which wasn’t that nice hot! The bars started to grow on me and once I got over the smell, enjoyed the taste, although I would have preferred more cranberry and raspberry pieces!

Week 7 – Monday and Tuesday 

I just carried on with the normal cold Chocolate Shakes, Cranberry & Raspberry Bars and the Spag Bol, which has turned into my favourite of the month as it feels like a normal dinner and is super filling and easy to make!

Week 8 – Thursday and Friday

 This is the week that I went home for Christmas so for the first few days I enjoyed some of my mums lovely home cooking and a few naughty festive treats. However towards the end of the week I picked up my two fast days and slotted them in between a girls Christmas Dinner and my mums yummy food. I found it was harder at home to remain controlled (especially as it is Christmas) and I did have 5 Brussel Sprouts with my Spag Bol for dinner on the Thursday 

Measurements at the end of 2 months:

Waist: -1 inch 

Hips: – 1inch

Thigh: -1 inch

Upper arm: -0.5inch

Whilst the inches haven’t dropped that much, I am also now home and have access to scales and since September have lost 7 pounds, and I would put 3-5 of this down to the LighterLife Fast. 

The next two weeks are going to be pretty tough with Christmas Day, family events and New Years, but I am excited as well!

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