HD Brows at the Beauty Shed, Brighton

I am really into Eyebrows and 2014 has been the year of the brow! I love how they can really frame and lift a face and how they can be changed according to personal preference and trends. However, I hate my own eyebrows. Naturally they’re very fine and light in shape with a few sparse patches. Once they’re drawn on i’m happy with them, but I just can’t go eyebrow free anymore, I look like an alien otherwise! So when Rosie asked if I would like to go along to The Beauty Shed in Hove with her to review their HD Brows treatment, I immediately said yes!

I’ve never had anything professional done to my brows apart from one of my friends shaving one off when I was asleep, does that count…? They’ve never been tinted and a couple of weeks ago they got threaded for the first time ever, so I was pretty excited to get HD Brows done. I’ve heard amazing things about HD Brows and I was not disappointed. The lovely Georgie who has just trained in HD Brows looked after us both and she definitely had a great eye for detail. 

Georgie started by wiping off any makeup that was on my brows and had a little chat with me about brows that I like and how I wanted them. She then got the tint on, waxed above and below the brow, threaded, trimmed and tweezed any other stray hairs. After all the brow care she used the HD Brows palette and pencil to fill in where necessary.

I’m so happy now my brows are in perfect shape and gorgeously tinted. Massive thanks to Georgie and The Beauty Shed for having me! You an get HD Brows done at The Beauty shed for £25 and are perfect for sorting out unruly brows and if you don’t have sensitive skin that goes red easily, handy for before a night out to get those perfect killer brows!

As well as offering beauty treatments, The Beauty Shed also have The Fitness Shed, do massages and have a gorgeous cafe with delicious snacks and drinks, and beauty/local products to buy too!

Have any of you had HD Brows done? What is your favourite thing to do to maintain your brows?

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