Dependency On The Internet/A Digital Detox

With the growth of the internet and an increase in fun apps and games, I find that I can’t go 5 minutes without looking at my phone or laptop and I find myself walking around clutching at it even when I’m not using it. It’s turned into a bad habit and a distraction when I’m nervous. It’s got to the point where I start getting bad migraines and headaches if I look at a screen for too long and I have to really remind myself to take regular breaks.

A few bloggers, selected by Broadband Genie, are actually taking part in a 24hour digital detox challenge (impressive!). I would have loved to take part, however I have too many deadlines/exams in January for me to spend a whole day absent from the internet. Instead however I sat down for a few moments to really think about my dependency on the internet and how it plays a massive part in my everyday life. As a blogger I find myself reading other blogs and writing posts for my blog in whatever spare time I have. Outside of this I love to check Twitter and Instagram as often as I can as well, and as a student I use the internet daily for emails, and to use online resources, oh the joy!

I’ve found that nowadays if I have time to kill, I will automatically turn to the internet instead of doing other things I used to do, such as reading, drawing/painting and baking – things I used to really love doing before I discovered the internet and its easy accessibility! I also find that when I can’t sleep at night I find myself reaching for my phone, which really doesn’t help! So in the New Year I am actively going to try and cut down on unnecessary internet use and turn to things I used to love, such as reading. You really can’t beat a good book. In particular I am loving Lena Dunhams latest book and #Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso. The latter based on an internet business, meaning I still get my internet fix!

How dependent are you on the internet? Do you think you could complete a 24hour digital detox?

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