My Blogging Journey

Lately I’ve seen a lot of ‘why I started blogging’ type posts popping up everywhere, with bloggers almost justifying why they started blogging and their space in the blogging community. Along with these posts have been too many ‘blogger tips’ type posts for my liking. People always say they love blogging for the freedom of writing what they want, and doing what they want. There really should be no need for so many tips and tricks. The odd one maybe to get you on your feet, but not as many as there are. At the end of the day if you’re doing what you like, who deserves to tell you how to do it? These days I see more and more bloggers on Twitter asking how to get freebies and invites and it always make me question their true intentions. Is it their passion about a specific category or even just a passion for writing, or just a bit of post through the door.

I wanted to do a little post to reflect on my years in the blogging community and trust me this is by no means a justification of why I blog etc. I just wanted to look back on my little journey. 

I’ve always loved writing.  Back in 2002 I used to sit on the floor next to the ottoman at the end of my bed, using it as a desk, listen to Avril Lavigne’s ‘Let Go’ album and write down the lyrics to all the songs and then attempt to write my own. Fast forward a few years and I eventually set up a Myspace account where again I liked to share snippets of my day, life and thoughts through blog posts and eventually I discovered Blogspot in May 2006. On and off I blogged between 2006 and 2009. Then in 2009 I properly started again (for the third time) with ‘The Sophie-Rose Story’, where I wrote about what I did everyday and on Sundays shared my favourite PostSecret Secrets. This blog existed publicly, with 30 loyal followers, until 2012/2013 when I decided to make it private after starting Sophie Rose Hearts, and realising sharing what teenage Sophie thought about boys was not such a wise/professional idea, and maybe I didn’t want anyone to be able to read about my private thoughts.

And here we are today! My blog is still pretty tiny, but I’ve realised, those numbers don’t matter. I just love to write, and i’ve started to really love photography too. I’ve made a bunch of really amazing friends, and I really owe that to the blogging community, a community that most of the time, I really adore.

What does your blogging journey look like?

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