If Money Was No Object Wishlist

Being the poor skinflint student that I am, my student budget doesn’t allow for frivolous purchases however long they may remain on my mental wishlist. Today I thought I would share a few items that if money was no object (or if I won the lottery), I would buy in a heartbeat!

If Money Was No Object Wishlist

1/ Halfords Victoria Pendleton Bike 2/ Roberts Radio, 3/ Nars Narsissist Palette, 4/ Ted Baker Large Sugar Sweet Floral Suitcase, 5/ Ted Baker Large Bow Wash Bag

The one item I have wanted for years but never been able to part with the £150-200 for is a Roberts Radio.They’re super retro, classic, quirky, cute and fun and the patterns/colours available are amazing. My favourite colours are the Gloss Red, Pink, Marine Teal, Cassis and Duck Egg (basically any/all of them!) Following on from things i’ve wanted forever, it’s no secret that I adore Ted Baker, especially their dresses, makeup bags, accessories and purses. Ok anything. But the latest item to get me hooked everytime I walk past, is their mint green floral suitcases. They’re just stunning. I’ve also always adored anything with a bow, and the Large Bow Wash Bag’s are gorgeous, but I just can’t afford to splash out on a makeup bag!

I’ve brought my bike down to uni this year with me and i’ve been enjoying having some freedom and cycling to uni. Inspired by this and a recent trip into Halfords to get my wheel replaced (an idiot kicked the wheel in..) has left the Victoria Pendleton bikes etched in my mind. They’re classic and vintage inspired and are just so cute. I love the childrens designs and wish they existed in adult form but the adult Pendleton Somerby is just so perfect too.  

I love Nars and whilst their products aren’t as pricey as the radio and bike, they’re still out of my reach. In particular I lusted over the Limited Edition One Night Stand palette, alas that’s now out of stock and my dreams dashed. However the Narsissist Palette still remains within reach and is just so pretty..I don’t really need another eyeshadow palette, but if I had a lot of money to splurge it would definitely be bought!

If money was no object, what would you buy? Don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win an Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette!

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