We’re all the boss


I’m going into my final year of university in a matter of weeks and whilst I adore uni life and being independent I do look forward to going home for the holidays. However I often find the novelty of family life, being home, home cooked food and baths wear off quickly and it’s not long before i’m longing to return to uni! I often find being home for the holidays/long periods of time can be frustrating. I adore my family and love spending time with them but being unemployed and with 3-4 month summer holidays I normally can’t wait to get back to uni.

With my final year looming the next question is what am I going to do when I graduate? I’ve accepted the fact I can’t afford to live in Brighton just yet and I won’t be able to afford a deposit/rent for a flat in Reading or somewhere similar for a while, so i’ve resigned to the fact it’s going to be back home for me..

It’ll be tough but I’m sure i’ll survive! How will/do I survive living with my parents? I think communication is key. You’re living under their roof and whilst you’re therefore living by their rules, there is room for negotiations and compromises. I’m pretty lucky in that my parents are open, understanding and really supportive, and if i’m unhappy with something they’re happy to help. Because of this I don’t have to enforce any ground rules upon them, apart from restricting my parents from stalking me on Facebook/Twitter by blocking them from seeing certain things (sorry…).

Giffgaff are running a really fab campaign about everyone being the boss and sometimes we need to remember that you are the boss of you and your life. You might be living under your parents roof, eating their food etc but ultimately what you do is up to you. So get out there and go for it!

At the end of the day, you make your own decisions, become the boss of your life! If you live with your parents/family, how do you survive?

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