Nailcare with Nail HQ

I go through phases of loving nails and hating them. My nails can be fairly bendy, brittle and flakey, and when they look good, they look good! But when they look a bit meh, they look horrific! Nail HQ are a new generation of nail treatments that offer naturally beautiful nails that are nourished, glossy and strong, and they maintain this by using Argain Oil and Keratin Proteins. The Gel Top Coat, Ridge Filler and the Hardener in particular have been really refreshing and lovely to use. The hardener in particular has transformed my nails!

Gel Top Coat, £6.49. The super fast drying gel top coat is really fab as it seals in colour, protecting against chipping and extending the overall wear time. The formulation leaves an ultra glossy, smooth finish, without the need for a UV lamp whilst the optical brighteners add a beautiful ultra glossy finish!

Ridge Filler, £5.99. The Ridge Filler is specifically formulated for weak, damaged and thin ridged nails and the smoothing ridge filler gives a subtle sheen finish that revitalises the nail. The formulation provides a unique hydrating, moisturising and conditioning complex which helps nails become more flexible, help regulate nail growth and improve the wear of nail enamel by providing improved adhesion properties.

Hardener, £6.99. This nail care treatment is specifically formulated for thin and weak nails. The external reinforcement provided by this mineral-enriched formula will help nails become tougher and more bend resistant. Designed to help toughen and protect the nail, it will help prevent nail brittleness and splitting to normalise and promote nail growth. The hardener contains collagen and a unique mineral complex infused with calcium, iron, magnesium and aluminium. This hardener polish has been great to use a base coat, as it conditions and protects nails whilst working wonders as a base for bright colours!

What are your nail care must haves? 

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