Hens in Brighton

My cousin Alice, sister Ellie, cousin Louise (the bride to be!) and me.

 Last weekend I went to my first hen party, for my gorgeous cousin who is getting married in a few weeks, exciting, so I thought I would share a few photos! My cousin chose Brighton as the destination, which was handy as it meant I could move in a fair amount of my stuff as I am at uni there and my third and final year starts in a few weeks! We started the weekend off decorating cupcakes at Angel Food Bakery, and the lady running the class was really lovely and as well as being amazing at decorating cupcakes was armed with snacks and drinks ans was fine about our class running over. We made some fondant decorations and then each decorated 12 of our own cupcakes that we could take home with us. We each decorated 4 vanilla, 4 chocolate and 4 red velvet cupcakes and we were shown various methods of how to ice the cakes and then we were free to decorate them however we fancied. The class was really fun and there were so many toppings and ways to decorate your cakes which was really lovely as everyone did something a little different!

Because there was an issue with the taxis getting to the bakery, our class started an hour later than planned so instead of going home, getting changed and going to dinner, we went straight to dinner from the class. It actually worked out better in the end! For dinner we went to Jamies Italis, which was sooo yummy and was really lovely. After dinner we all popped back to our respective rooms for the nigh (a mix of travelodge, my sister and I at my house etc) and got ready for the night! We all met back in town around 9:30 and we headed to Lola Lo’s! We had booked a table package and it was totally worth it! We had a bottle of Belvedere Vodka, Gin, and 3 massive cocktail sharers! The staff were really lovely and constantly refilling all of our mixers throughout the night. We then had a lovely night of dancing, singing and drinking! The weekend was really lovely and was the perfect hen weekend, we all even had cute sashes which was great too!

What did you do over the weekend?

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