A Guide to Surviving Freshers

I’m just weeks away from starting my third and final year at university and I think it’s fair to say in the last two years I have gained some useful freshers knowledge. So whether you’re off to uni for your first freshers, or going back for more, here are a few tips to get you through freshers week (or fortnight, lucky me!)

Surprisingly Easy Guide to Surviving Freshers Week

Music Magpie themselves have created a series of guides, a ‘surprisingly easy guide’ collection that offers plenty of tips and advice on a variety of topics, including freshers! I have also over the last year or so written a variety of uni tips/freshers tips/my general experience posts. I thought as it is that time of year where everyone is heading off/back to uni, I would share a few tips!

– If you’re moving into halls, keep your door open when possible! 

– To save money apply for store cards for Sainsburys etc. I also recommend in investing in an NUS card, as whilst your uni ID card might get you the occasional in store student discount, with an NUS card you get 10% off in Co-op and Superdrug. Also sign up to unidays!

– Try and get a small job (read about my experience here) to keep you going when the loan runs out. Being a poor student is the pits!

– Whilst at university, getting your 5 a day in can be a bit of a struggle, so have a vitamin tablet every morning! I try to have a dissoluble orange vitamin C tablet most mornings with breakfast, as well as being great it also makes me drink a large glass of water. I just buy the Tesco own brand ones and they work just fine!

Does your freshers start soon? Have you been through freshers already, what are your tips?            

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*Post written in collab with Music Magpie