Current Favourites

I know it’s basically half way through the month and these favourites aren’t specifically just beauty related, but today I thought I would share a few of my current favourite bits and bobs with you all. 

My most recent favourite thing is this trio of ceramic chalkboard jars, with cute pastel yellow, blue and pink, sealable lids. I’d been stalking these in my local Bentalls for a while (you know when you just check up on items, but never take the plunge?) and on a recent trip with my friends they said I had to get them. On previous trips I had seen they were reduced from £11.95 to £9.50, and with a 10% bank holiday deal on, I thought why not. I took them to the till to find out they were just £5.75 and with the bank holiday just £5.17. Definitely my proudest bargain of the month! They’re super cute and fit about 17 tea bags in, perfect for an unfaithful fruit tea lover like myself.

Talking of tea bags, that leads me onto my next favourite. Heath & Heather teas from Holland and Barrett. I recently popped in to have a mooch about and to spy on my Holland and Barrett husband/boyfriend/massive crush, but a gammy eye infection/stye led to me looking like an absolute numpty unable to communicate and with no eye communication. Great. Anyway, back to the tea! I love a little cafe in my local town, and especially their Apple and Cinnamon tea, of which i’ve been unable to find anything like, up until now. This month i’ve discovered Holland and Barrett teas and they’re super yummy and affordable. I picked up the apple and cinnamon tea and because the penny sale was on, I picked up the Echinacea and Cranberry flavour for an extra penny – amazing! They’re yummy teas and each box contains 20 tea bags and costs about £1.80.

A third favourite this month is a recent Facebook/Twitter win. I entered a Denman Tangle Tamer competition, to win an adorable red ladybug one, and the win came at a great time, as my old pink one had cracked/snapped/died and this was a handy win. And it’s just so cute, and definitely aimed at children but oh well!

My last favourite has been printing off photos. I hate how photos are just uploaded to the internet and they’re not an easily accesible, tangeable thing so much anymore. Every few months I like to scour my phone/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook to select photos and to print them off. Most websites give you around 40 free prints when you sign up, but sadly i’ve now exhausted all my emails and websites! However there was an O2 priority thing for £5 off Snapfish this month. Perfect! I also bought a new album from Paperchase which is cute!

I know these are a bit random, but these favourites basically sum me up right now! What are your current favourites, beauty or random?

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