A night in with Ilumi

I’m currently at home for summer, where baths, my mums cooking and cuddles from Basil are on hand. My mum however cooks for our family of 5 nearly every night and so when Ilumi offered to send me a few of their naturally gluten, nut, egg and milk free meals and side dishes, I couldn’t say no! I’m also allergic to poultry and fish, so it has meant my family can have some chicken/fish dishes whilst I try out the Illumi range!

Ilumi provide the widest range of naturally gluten-free prepared meals on the market, aimed specifically at those omitting gluten from their diet, which interestingly 1 in 5 of the UK population is actively avoiding gluten. The meals are free of nasty allergens and contain all locally sourced ingredients and are super yummy! The meals are created and tailored to boost health and well-being, whilst being free from gluten – which is believed to lead to a reduction in bloating, clearer complexion and increased energy.

I was given the choice of choosing 1 of 3 menus; Asian, Mediterranean or Gastro Pub, with a really wide and amazing selection of dishes on each. The menus were all really yummy looking but in the end I went for the Gastro Pub Menu and swapped in a Mediterranean Style Rice with Pork and Chorizo for the Coq Au Vin as I have a poultry allergy! The meals arrived quickly and in a big, sturdy box and the dishes included:4 packets of white long grain rice, spicy butternut squash soup, tomato and red pepper soup, lamb in gluten free ale with haricot beans, tender pork with cider and wholegrain mustards, venison casserole with pancetta and sloe gin, Mediterranean style rice with pork and chorizo, and the coq au vin I swapped out came as well! There was also some gluten free beer thrown in – amazing! My favourite dish was probably the lamb one, the meat was really tender, soft and there was plenty of it! 

The meals were delicious and I was super surprised at the low calorific/fat content, which meant these meals were tasty, easy to cook, nutritious and didn’t contain any baddy foods!

The packaging was interesting as the products came in pouches which ensures minimal wastage from packaging, and the packaging itself was really fun and brightly coloured!

Overall I really enjoyed trying out Illumi, they’re great for people who don’t have time to whip up a meal from scratch, those omitting gluten from their diet, and even those who want to keep the calorie content down!

If you want to check out Ilumi for yourself they have loads of affordable, yummy and healthy dishes on offer so definitely take a look!

Are you on a gluten free diet? Have you tried anything like Ilumi before?

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