Sunday fun at the local dog show

On Sunday, with no plans and no rain in sight, my dad and I set off to our local village dog show to have a little walk about and enter Basil into some classes. We entered Basil into two classes, best crossbreed and most handsome dog, on a bit of a whim not expecting much and came away with a second rosette from the best crossbreed class! It was a class of 30, so to come second, to say my dad and I were chuffed was an understatement. We then headed across the road to a local pub (the one I worked at last summer) for a celebratory pint and headed back for most handsome dog which we sadly didn’t get placed – but oh well, we know he’s the most handsome dog around and that’s all that matters!

Did you have a nice weekend, what did you do? Do you have a dog, have you ever entered them into a show?

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