Healgel Eye Review

When I tried the HealGel Face I fell in love instantly, and I had no doubt it would be the same for the rest of the Healgel range. Recently I’ve been noticing that my under eye area is pretty dry and I have dark circles and a slight puffiness. Now that I am in my 20’s I thought it might be a good time to introduce an eye product into my skincare routine and that’s where HealGel Eye comes in. Healgel Eye aims to lift, brighten and revive the eye area, it is a peerless anti-ageing eye formula that can help to diminsh the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. The formula is refreshing and lightweight and provides a great base for makeup

HealGel Eye contains Arnica and Madecassoside which are suspended in liposomes with powerful peptides and biodynes to initiate a uniquely soothing and collagen boosting process. HealGel Eye also contains a duel action hyaluronic acid complex that locks moisture deeper into the skin and firms the eye contours. The effect is to soften the appearance of fine lines, even skin tone and improve the elasticity of the skin 

I really loved the consistency of the gel as it is super lightweight and has a really lovely cooling effect. I found you needed the tiniest little pump and it sat beautifully on my skin and absorbed really well. I’ve been keeping this by my bed and have been applying gently and massaging in before bed and in the morning and I find when I wake up my eyes feel a lot more fresh, moisturised and the dark circles and puffiness have noticeably reduced. It is also great at nourishing the under eye area, so concealers sit better and don’t slide/crease so much!

Have any of you tried any HealGel products, what is your favourite and what do you think of them? What is your favourite eye cream/gel product and when do you think is a good time to start using eyecreams and gels?

Sophie xx


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