Bourjois Summer Blogger Event

On Wednesday I was invited along to a Bourjois Summer Blogger Event, held on the rooftop of Global Radio (the home of Capital FM).  The evening promised a look at some hot new launches from Bourjois, including a host of lip, nail and face products on a scenic rooftop at Global Radio. With yummy food, cocktails a gorgeous chocolate fountain, a Capital FM DJ and manicures on the side, it was an incredible evening. I brought one of my best friends, Ella along as she writes for her uni magazine, The Edge, and it seemed like a great place to meet up for a chit chat and to mingle (i’m still too terrified to turn up to events alone, not knowing anyone is so daunting!).

I was so excited to go to the home of Capital FM, it’s been my dream since forever to be a breakfast presenter on radio and it was so cool to be there! We got a lift up to the terrace and stepped outside onto the most beautiful terrace ever, decorated beautifully and overlooking the London Eye, the Shard, Big Ben and other cool buildings. There was a really sweet bar shack serving up pimms, moijitos, kir royales, wine and a virgin blueberry mocktail! There were an array of new and current products out to have a play with and there were some Lip Readers mingling around! They were really amazing ladies. To get your lips read they asked you to apply some rouge edition velvet and then to ‘snog’ a bit of paper and to blot as well, and then they read the prints. The lady reading mine was freakishly accurate and I was really amazed and thought it was a really lovely touch! The amazing Pandora also came to DJ which was amazing!

I had a really gorgeous evening, so massive thanks to Bourjous and CapitalFM, you guys are so generous, and I should have some reviews of up and coming Bourjois releases in the next week or so!

Blogger events are great ways of meeting other bloggers, make sure to check out great blogger networks such as Bloggers Love to connect with fellow bloggers and to go to cool events, like their up and coming Bloggers Fashion week- which looks amaaazing!!

What is your all time favourite Bourjois product? 

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