They’re Real Push up Liner and Remover Review

Benefit They're Real Push Up Gel Liner

I love Benefit, they’re a great, affordable and fun make-up brand and I love the thought that goes into all of their new products, which never fail to disappoint! The latest release from Benefit is their They’re Real Push Up Liner*, a lash-hugging gel liner pen. There is definitely room on the market for a liner like this, as gel is my liner of choice, but I haven’t come across it in stick form, which makes on the go application super easy and means less faffing about with a brush.

The They’re Real Push-Up Liner is a waterproof, matte black gel formula that doesn’t smudge, budge or dry out, although I found if worn past a 12hour time scale it does flake a little at the edges. The applicator is really interesting as it has a soft, angled tip which means it is easy to draw a straight line, and it is also easy to push the gel liner into the lash line for a more subtle look. However I do find that controlling how much product you want to come out of the nib can be an issue, and the end is a little to large to create a really precise flick, however I am a fan of a rather large cat eye flick. I am overall a big fan of this liner, however I find that it can take me anywhere between a few seconds and around 10-15 minutes to apply this, depending on the day, and how well the liner wants to co-operate. (I know a beauty blogger shouldn’t blame her tools..)

The packaging of the They’re Real Liner and Remover follow the same colour scheme as the original mascara, black and orange – making a perfect trio of They’re Real products that go hand in hand. I really like the slim packaging of the eyeliner, and the twisty cap is great as it ensures it won’t fall off in your makeup bag and dry out.

The They’re Real Remover*is a great addition to the They’re Real family as the liner and mascara have such an incredible staying power and at the end of the day you want to remove it as simply as possible. I find makeup wipes can remove they’re real well, but it does require some work, whereas the remover removes it in one swipe, without tugging at or irritating the eyes.

Benefit They're Real Push Up Gel Liner

This liner will be available from June 28th 2014 and will retail for £18.50 (some counters might already be stocking it, so keep an eye out!)

Have any of you tried this new gel liner? If you haven’t, when it comes out do you reckon you will give it a go?

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