The Blumenthals go to Royal Ascot

You’d think, having lived a 10 minute drive away from Ascot for about 18 years of my life that I would have been to Royal Ascot by now, but surprisingly I have never been.This year however, with sponsoring from my grandpa, myself, my sister, my mum and dad headed off to the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot for a day of betting, drinking and family fun! (Izzy wasn’t left out on purpose- she had 1 GCSE left and was too young!).

With dresses, hats, bags, shoes, accessories, tans, nails, makeup and hair all sorted, we were good to go! We all had a lovely day in the sun and it was very sweet to see my grandpa and dad dressed in top hats and tails! My dress was from Hobbs, my shoes from New Look and we hired my hat for the day!

Have any of you been to Royal Ascot? What is your favourite British thing about summer?

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