Festival inspired goodies from Lush

When I was invited to the amazing Lush pop up gig as part of The Great Escape Festival 2014, we were also very kindly given a few goodies, and I think they’d be great for festivals! We were given two gorgeous shower gels, The Olive Branch and Happy Hippy. I was also given No Drought, a fancy looking dry shampoo!

I was really intrigued by No Drought, as it is a dry shampoo with a refreshing grapefruit and lime scent, oil absorbing powder and a talcum powder look. I didn’t know what to expect before using this, but judging by the talcum powder look, I knew it was going to be messy and just expected awful white roots. I was a little wrong. It is a little messy to use (the powder can go everywhere..) but there were no white roots and I found it added some volume and hold, which is fab! I can see why this would be great for festivals!

The Olive Branch is a shower gel I have heard raved about by quite a few bloggers and it is a shower gel made with fairtrade oil, fresh mandarins, bergamot oil and vine leaves and can be used for both the body and your hair! To use this, you need to give it a little shake first, to mix the oil in well and it has to be noted that this isn’t a typical shower gel. The consistency is much more liquid/oily and not as gel like, which is quite refreshing, and it still lathers up well!

Happy Hippy is a shower gel I have tried in the past and I really love but sadly my student budget doesn’t really allow for luxurious shower gels! Happy Hippy is described as a mellow yellow, fresh grapefruit hair and body gel. Grapefruit is one of my favourite scents, and I love using grapefruit shower gels in the morning to really wake me up!

I’ve really been enjoying getting some lush products back into my life, and these would all be great festival essentials – and the shower gels would really scrub you clean when you get home. We all know how good that first shower back home after a festival feels…mmm.

What are your favourite Lush products?

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