An afternoon in Windsor and lunch at Gilbey’s.

A few weeks back, during Easter I popped into Windsor for the afternoon with my dad. Windsor is such a beautiful town, if you’re ever in the area I totally recommend popping in for a mooch about/shop, it’s so lovely! The main reason for our trip to Windsor was to pick up the watch my lovely parents had ordered in for my 21st. We mooched about a few of the shops, my dad got his trousers fitted for his Morning suit for Royal Ascot (very adorable) and then we walked over the bridge to Eton and stopped of for a spot of lunch.

A few weeks ago my dad took my mum to a lovely restaurant in Eton called Gilbey’s and he suggested we go there for a good old father/daughter lunch! It was very fancy and fresh and it was lovely to sit down with my dad and have a natter. My dad and I shared a half litre of some yummy wine and I ordered a rabbit and bacon dish, which is where things started to go a little wrong. Sadly I had a really bad allergic reaction to the dish, which was really annoying, as I hate being a pest with my allergies, however it was pretty bad! I had some delicious blackcurrant and citrus sorbets for dessert in the hope it would fix my throat out, which it did a little, and on the plus side, the blackcurrant sorbet was one of the yummiest I have ever had.

Aside from the food mishap, it was a lovely little afternoon outing, and on the way home we popped in to see my grandma which was also really nice!

Have you ever been to Windsor?

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