Revlon Colorburst Balms

I would love to be a sophisticated lipstick kinda gal, but realistically i’m just not. I hate fretting about lipstick if i’m out eating/drinking, I’m always paranoid its smeared all over my face, or worse, all over my teeth. The Revlon Colorburst Balm’s have been a gamechanger for me. I love them! A balm that glides on, feels smooth and moisturising, yet packs a punch of colour? Come at me!

I’ve been loving both the Lacquer Balm in 115 Whimsical and the Matte Balm in 205 Elusive, both gorgeous springy shades. the Lacquer Balm is a glossy, bright balm with a heck of a lot of shimmer in the bullet, however this doesn’t appear on the lips, just a super high shine gloss! The shade Whimsical is even a shade Emma Stone, my hero, has been spotted wearing! The Matte balm is quite simply a matte colour, yet is not super drying! The shade elusive is a lovely dusky pink with a slight coral hint which I think looks really nice with my freckles and blue eyes!

Have any of you tried either of these Revlon balms? I love, love them!

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