Ladyboy Lovin’

When an e-mail landed in my inbox inviting me to go and see the latest Ladyboys of Bangkok* extravaganza ‘Red Hot Kisses’ in Brighton  for the gala performance at the Sabai Pavillion, Victoria Gardens, I initially imagined a tacky ladyboy show, but boy oh boy (or lady!) was I wrong. I managed to take three of my housemates as one of the other blogger girls wasn’t able to make it in the end, and we had a right old blast!

From their amazing renditions of Barbie Girl, Timber, Pound the alarm and Hairpsray to many other sing a long songs, I was mesmerised. By the bodies, the costumes, the dancing, everything. The vast tent was singing and dancing along with each number, and laughing away at the comedy acts. There was also a bar inside and outside the tent, with bottles of wine on hand, perfect! The seating was lovely and quite intimate, with a number of circular tables dotted around, which made the whole affair really fun!

I would totally recommend going to see the Ladyboys of Bangkok if they’re in your area anytime soon and I think it would make an amazing Hen Do/Girls night out. They offer student prices and I think on the night if there are seats still on sale they go at a slightly discounted rate!

Have any of you seen a Ladyboys show, in Thailand, or the tour in the UK?

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