Back to basics: A review of the Urban Decay Naked Palette

Sorry for the absence, it’s been deadlines madness and I was my housemates 21st on Friday and I got a little over excited with the whole affair, I love a birthday. To make up for the lack of posts recently I thought I would post about my eyeshadow favourite of the moment! I know the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette is kind of old news now. but when I saw a code pop up on Twitter for Feel Unique (spend £25, get £10 off!) it was a no brainer and the palette quickly found its way to my basket and then my front door!

The Naked Basics Palette features 6 shadows, with 4 being exclusive to the palette. In my opinion the palette contains 5 matte shades and 1 satin/shimmer, venus! Personally I only own the Naked 1 palette, so I managed to get away with no repeat shades, although  faint is quite similar to Buck and naked 2 is quite similar to naked but hey ho, matte brown shadows are always welcome in my opinion!

I never really saw the hype about this palette when it was first released but I am so glad it is now part of my collection, it is a great everyday palette and I’ve been pretty lazy with my makeup lately and this has made me completely rethink my normal eye looks! I love pairing Naked 2 with Faint in the crease and then using Crave smudged along the top lash line for an everyday look. I also find these colours really accentuate my blue eyes and when I am a bit tired they perk my eyes up big time!

I absolutely love the size of this palette, there is no waste of space. With the palette being just a bit smaller than my iPhone 4s it makes a great addition to my daily makeup bag and is incredibly handbag and travel friendly! Overall I adore this palette and i’m not sure how I was surviving without it up until now!

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