An imtimate pop up gig with The Great Escape Festival, Lush and Dizraeli.

When I was invited to a super secret VIP pop up gig at the Lush Brighton store as part of The Great Escape Festival 2014, I had no idea what, or who to expect! The atmosphere in Lush was amazing, and judging by the queue and masses of people outside, it was definitely a gig not to be missed!

I had never heard of Dizaraeli and the small Gods, but his personal, intimate acoustic gig was really interesting, and so very Brighton! A mixture of spoken word, rap and hip hop, his lyrics were meaningful and I was definitely captivated. Combined with the amazing Lush location, I think it was definitely one of the best smelling gigs I have been to!

It was really lovely to see the Brighton blogger girlies, they’re such a gorgeous and fab bunch, and afterwards we headed to the newly opened Bluebird Tea Co Cafe for a much needed catch up and drink. I had a lovely chat with the girls in the shop and had the most delicious drink I have had in foreverrr, an iced strawberry lemonade tea! If you’re ever nearby make sure to check the place out and don’t be afraid to ask the staff any tea questions you have (I had loads, being a tea newbie)!

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