As some of you may, or may not, know, I have been away in Sicily for a week on a geography field trip. I have been constantly tweeting and instagramming whenever I could get WiFi, but I thought a little post with some photos would be a nice idea. We flew out of Gatwick on Sunday 30th March and returned on Sunday 6th March. For the week we stayed at the Agora Hostel in Catania, a really beautiful city/town. I stayed in a room with 11 other girls, and we had a little 2 room also attached to our room. At first I was a little apprehensive but it wasn’t at all chaotic sharing a room with that many girls, like I had envisaged, and it was rather fun!

During the week we visited a variety of different sites and carried out different pieces of research/fieldwork. On the Monday we visited the North East flank of Mount Etna and we were joined by an expert, Boris Behncke, INGV Volcanologist, who I really just wanted to take home with me! He was really informative, fun and just adored what he did and loved volcanoes which always helps. On the Tuesday we carried out water quality surveys/did things about waste management and collected water samples at 4 sites throughout the day and then tested for baddies, this was probably my favourite day! The Wednesday was probably my least favourite day as it involved all things rivers, which is the part of geography I can’t really stand, but the site was situated on a beach and the weather was glorious, so I can’t really complain. 

Thursday we carried out vegetation surveys at 4 different sites at Mount Etna and it was great to see more of the incredible volcano, it left me a little inspired really. On the Friday we carried out our own research projects in our own chosen groups. This was probably my favourite day as we got to choose exactly what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go. We ended up staying in Catania, which was lovely as we got to have a good mooch about the city and see all the sites! For our research project we tested for faecal indicators in the drinking water fountains, which was pretty interesting! On the Saturday we had to put together a 10 minute presentation in our groups about our projects, which we then presented a to a group of 3 lectures/PHD students. I was pretty hungover that day, so walking away with a 68 was pretty awesome! After the presentation we were free and then we weren’t leaving till 4pm the following day, so we hd lots of time to relax!

Apologies for the photo heavy post! Have any of you been to Sicily/Catania before, what is your favourite European city?




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