Food for Soph : Donatellos, Brighton

Today I have a slightly different post, a review/ramble about an Italian restaurant I love in Brighton! I love eating out. If I could eat out all day, every day, without it affecting my bank balance or waist line, then you would find it pretty hard to stop me.

I love eating out with friends, and Donatellos, situated in the heart of Brighton’s gorgeous Lanes, is one of those places where you can sit down to a tasty, classic and warming bowl pasta or a plate of pizza, with a glass of wine and just chat away for hours amidst the buzz of the popular and welcoming restaurant. I have never entered Donatello’s on a Friday/Saturday evening to see it empty, always a good sign. 

Donatellos is a family run restaurant/business and whenever you enter, you are always welcomed and made to feel right at home, even though the restaurant itself is vast and I always seem to find myself sat in a part of the restaurant i’ve never seen before!

The service is well timed, portion sizes large and very good value, especially for the poor students out there! I know I can sit down to a large, hearty prosciutto and funghi pizza and a lemonade and walk away with change from a tenner. I’ve sampled a fair few of the pizzas and pasta dishes on offer, and have also enjoyed the set course menu, just £7.25 for two courses or £9.25 for three a few times. Included in these set menu offers are all the pizza/pasta dishes on offer plus a few other options. Seeing as the pizzas themselves range from £5.25-£8.25, it is well worth the money to go for the set menu, and the puddings are yummy, especially the lemon sorbet and crème caramel. If you’re going to go for a pasta dish, I really recommend the Gratinati Tortellini, filled pasta with cream, ham, sage and parmesan, and then grilled. Thinking about that dish just makes me think of the food coma that I went into after, it was like nothing I have ever experienced before! They also offer gluten free pasta alternatives and whole-wheat spaghetti, and they are very flexible in swapping the various pasta options with other types of pasta, and catering to every need.

What are some of your favourite purse friendly places in Brighton/or near you?




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