Bake your own boyfriend, an offer I couldn’t resist!

When I was offered the chance to bake either my own boyfriend, sex god or house husband, it was a pretty hard offer to refuse. It’s not a secret that I am lacking a man in my life after having my singleversary last November (yeek), and whenever I pop home my dad always asks whether I am ‘looking for a boyfriend/found one’, and the resounding answer for a while now, has been no. So baking one sounds like a pretty good deal! I thought this would make a fun, light hearted post and the idea of baking myself the perfect boyfriend to decorate/dress as I please, sounded like a great idea! Maybe I was about to meet/create my perfect man, tall, ginger, and a sleeve of tattoos? 

These cookie cutters make a perfect gift, are fully functional and come with a quick, easy and delicious cookie recipe (which I used to bake these and they turned out perfectly, bar a few that suffered minor injuries!). These are also perfect for any girls night in, hen do’s or just for girls with a sweet tooth and a love of baking and men! …and if he starts to cause trouble, you can simply bite his head off and start again, or have a couple on the go at any time so you can pick and choose depending on your mood!

I had a great time making and decorating these cookies and they tasted delicious too!  (the one with just one pink leg, that’s meant to be a cast…my artistic skills are seriously lacking!)

You can pick up your own boyfriend, sex god or house husband cookie cutters off Amazon and eBay and retail for £3.60

Have you baked anything fun lately? What is your favourite thing to bake?

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