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I’m a major film lover. As long as there is any form of romance then i’m game. Seeing as it is a lazy Sunday and the fortnight of love over here on Sophie Rose Hearts, I thought I would share with you a few films I love and can watch forever and ever and never get bored of. 


Pitch Perfect

I love Anna Kendrick and this film just causes a major toner for her. Cue a lot of synchronized lady dancing to Mariah Carey chart-toppers and various other songs, mixed with a little bit of unauthorised romance and more exciting yet glee-eqsue competitons and there you have it. This film never fails to cheer me up, and always leaves that song they always sing, stuck firmly in my head for days.

About Time

I saw this film over the summer and fell head first in love with this film. Cute ginger male character? Check. Rachel Mcadams? check. The cutest film ever featuring time travel? Check! As well as being really sweet, this film caused me to cackle like no other and to shed a few tears. Like seriously if you haven’t seen this, watch it this second, it isn’t just the usual sappy lovey dovey film.



Not one to watch with your dad, but definitely one to watch with your mum or your girls. With an amazing cast, featuring Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan, Kirsty Dunst and Rebel Wilson why wouldn’t you want to watch this? Four girls who became best friends in high school meet up for the wedding of one of the girls, Rebel Wilson, and the expected shenanigans occur on the eve of the wedding. Definitely one to laugh out loud to with a glass of wine in one hand. And a bottle in the other.


I’m a pretty average Disney fan, with Tarzan and Sleeping Beauty being my top favourites, but Frozen has managed to edge its way in there and the soundtrack is just incredible. I was first introduced to the amazing Idina Menzel back in the day when one of my friends had a massive obsession with Wicked and Idina and this film has reignited that. The songs will seriously not get out of your head for weeks My house are still singing ‘let it go’ on a daily basis. 

What are some films that you love?




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