Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer Review

I was in Boots the other day and managed to on a whim have a little splurge and walk away with £30 of bits and bobs, oops. One product that I bought was the Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer, a three-piece flaw camouflage kit, complete with a powder and two colour correcting concealers. I chose the light kit and I have absolutely loved using it since I bought it last week! I love Soap and Glory and the packaging of this concealer is just amazing, and so fun and compact!

The concealers and powder are contained within a nifty, handbag friendly, compact, complete with a puff for the powder. The concealer sealing powder, a translucent setting powder, looks very white and scary but does a great job at setting the creamy concealers, stopping them from slipping and sliding and ensuring minimal shine.

Now, the two concealers. These two concealers are so dreamy, creamy and beautiful! The consistency of them both is incredible, thick enough to do the job, but not too thin that they don’t offer any coverage, they’re the perfect formulation! The peachy concealer is amazing as an under eye brightening concealer, concealing bags and brightening the area. The yellow toned concealer works amazingly at covering up and counteracting any redness, blemishes and other imperfections, and has worked well over the past few days covering up a volcano on my forehead!

This little bundle of amazing concealer goodness has quickly become my go to favourite product for a natural, flawless finish! Although it might initially seem pricey for £10, you are getting two amazing concealers and a handy on the go powder!

Have any of you tried this concealer, or any other Soap and Glory Cosmetics, what did you think?

Sophie xx