Stila Afterglow Lip Colours in Electric Pink and Vivid Violet

I love Stila, and the ‘In the Lights’ palette is one of my all time favourites, and the shade kitten is a cult shade! Other than their shadows, palettes, eyeliners and lipglosses, I haven’t really heard much about Stila, so when their amazing sale hit the internet I decided to treat myself to a few new products.

Stila had free shipping so I thought it would be rude to not make a couple of sale purchase! I decided to try out the Stila Afterglow Lip Colour in shades vivid violet and electric pink. Down from £12 to just £4 each (although they are now back on sale at full price ah) they sounded perfect! I placed my delivery on a Friday evening and by the following Tuesday they had reached my doormat, amazing!

The Stila Afterglow Lip Colour’s contain fluorescent pigments that are bright in the sunshine, and because of their special light-sensitive pigments, after the sun goes down, these pigments cause the lip colour to glow when exposed to UV light. Fun eh! These lip crayons are available in six stunning shades and I picked up the gorgeous vampy vivid violet and almost highlighter pink, electric pink. Both really gorgeous colours, that have allowed me to comfortably wear more bold and colourful lip colours.

 Lip crayon type products are on my favourite forms of lip colours as they are so easy to use, and I am a no fuss gal! The formula of these are gorgeous, they’re buildable, moisturising, super pigmented and maintain a pretty stain allowing colour to last for hours. The sunflower seed oil in the lip colours nourishes and moisturises, whilst oat kernel extracts soothes and calms the lips. Algae extract helps to retain this moisture and contains antioxidant benefits, also provided by vitamins C and E. The natural blend of waxes delivers a creamy, easy to apply consistency 

Overall I love these lip colours and wish I had picked up a few more!Did any of you pick up any Stila bargains in their sale? 




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