New Years Beauty Resolutions 2014

I’m not one for sticking to New Years resolutions, but I do like to set myself some goals, both personally and beauty wise. This year these are a few of my beauty resolutions/goals and hopefully at the end of 2014 I can look over these goals and feel happy that I have achieved some/all of these!


1. To go on a beauty spending ban and to use products up. I’m awful at getting half way through a product and then buying a new one to replace it and then forgetting about the original. Half empty/full foundation bottles are the bane of my life. My student budget for 2014 does not accept any lee way for buying unessential’s such as eyelashes and a gazillion mascaras, so extra’s are going to have to go a miss for now.

2. To look after my hair. This involves no hair dye, minimal use of heat on my hair and making sure I frequently use hair masks and deep conditioning products, especially for the ends of my hair. As well as minimal hair washing, which sounds grim, but my hair is always so much better for it. This also includes making sure I always use a heat protecting spray, even for just blow drying my hair.

3. To moisturise, religiously. My eczema is particularly awful at the moment, and I ALWAYS forget to moisturise. I’m going to make sure I moisturise in the morning, throughout the day and before bed. Religiously. This also applies to lip balms – no flaky/dry lips.

4. Be more adventurous with eye looks and lip colours. Once I find an eye look I like, nearly always a neutral look, it stays till I find another neutral eye combination that I prefer. This year I’m going to try and use some of the more exciting eyeshadow colours I own and to look through some of my not so loved eyeshadow palettes. I’m a creature of habit, and I have about 3 or 4 lipsticks that I will always use, they’re well loved, simple an go with everything. This year I’m going to try and use some of my more exciting, unloved lipsticks that take me out of my comfort zone.

Do any of you have any beauty resolutions, and did you stick to any of last years if you made them?




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