HealGel Face Review

I’ve really been trying to get into a good skincare routine for a while now as skin needs looking after! The HealGel Face products does just that! Whilst it is marketed as an advanced, anti-ageing product, the firming and smoothing properties are great for any skin type, and well you can never start too early with the anti-ageing products, I have approached my 20’s, eek! This product really has quickly become a skincare hero for me!

The HealGel skin care range was created by a team of the world’s finest plastic and cosmetic surgeons, with the help of a renowned dermatological biochemist and a well-known actor, to provide genuinely effective treatments for all skin types

HealGel Face was created for maximum anti-ageing effect, while retaining all the benefits of the Heal Gel Intensive, a product I really want to try after this one. In addition to the soothing and collagen boosting ingredients packed within, the uniquely revitalising triple-phase hyaluronic acid complex provides instantly firmer, plumper and happier skin, while the luxurious blend of omega oils dramatically replenishes and improves elasticity. What isn’t to love! This product also took five years to perfect, and perfect it is!.

I really love the simple, no frills, but fun packaging of the product, and the pump distributes the perfect amount of product for a full face application. 

The product itself is light and delicately fragranced, with an almost lotion like consistency that absorbs almost instantly into the skin. I have loved applying this after using my Liz Earle cleanse and polish, and gently massaging into the skin. I love that this can be used both at night and during the day and doesn’t leave the skin feeling too heavy or greasy, but perfectly moisturised and plumped, which is why I love using it before applying make-up and at night time.

Overall I adore this skincare gem, and it has quickly made its way into my skincare routine and I can see it staying firmly put for a good while! Whilst this is a pricey skincare addition at £48 for a 50ml tube I can see it lasting a while and the skin care benefits are incredible, whilst boasting an incredible, and beneficial for the skin, ingredients list!

Have any of you tried Heal Gel Face or any Heal Gel products? What are you favourite anti-ageing, firming products?




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